Tadeuša Košćuška 63, Beograd 11000, Serbia
ATP officials are very pleased with the tournament in Belgrade

ATP officials are very pleased with the tournament in Belgrade

“My younger brother Đorđe, who is the director of the tournament, relayed the words of Jerry Armstrong, ATP supervisor. He gave us a 10/10 for both tournaments – men’s and women’s. This is a score for the entire tournament, everything. The tournaments were held in the middle of a pandemic, and it was not easy to follow all the measures and guidelines. The people in charge of the organisation know just how demanding it is to fulfil all requirements set by the ATP. The score signifies how good of a job we all did. We are closing this year’s tournament season with the best score, and I think it will help us in our collaboration with ATP and WTA organisations in the future. We hope to reach the 500 category, but the problem is that we are not licensed to do so. We all want to purchase the license, but that is still not possible and it is up to the organisers. Right now, we are somewhere in the middle, but we are already doing everything as if we have the license. We had a license for the WTA tournament only for this year, but for the next one, we will have to see. It is very complicated, you have to find an available time slot in the calendar and adapt to that. There is a chance that ATP will allo expanding the category within this license,” explains Novak.