Tadeuša Košćuška 63, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes

Lately, he has been coming to Serbia more and more often and enjoys exploring its beauties.

“I just started traveling. I would definitely invite all people to come to Serbia and visit it. We need to return to nature, that is our greatest wealth – mountains, rivers, lakes, caves. Besides Kopaonik, Rtanj is my favourite mountain. I love to hike, so I will do it more the more time I spend in Serbia. I like to be outside in nature, and Serbia has a lot to offer. “

He celebrated his 34th birthday on Saturday, and he has made his birthday wishes clear.

“First of all, I wish for health. In addition, I want love and peace and to spend more time with the people I hold dear. That’s what I’ve been missing for the past 15 years. I try to be happy both on and off the court. Also, I would like to organize the Adria tour again. I think the idea is wonderful, to help tennis progress in the Balkans, to unite the region thanks to sports. It is one of the few areas that unite people. I think that what we managed to organize last year was nice and I want it to continue. As a tennis player, I want to travel as much as possible across the region and the former Yugoslavian countries. The plan for the organization of that tournament still exists and I want to make it a reality in my playing career,” concluded Đoković.