Tadeuša Košćuška 63, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Đoković: I want to go to Paris with the trophy from Belgrade

Đoković: I want to go to Paris with the trophy from Belgrade

World no.1 Novak Đoković has reached the final of Belgrade Open where he will play for the trophy on Saturday.

He beat Slovakia’s Andrej Martin 6:1, 4:6, 6:0.

“I started the match well and I finished it even better. The second set was weird. We exchanged breaks, then I broke his serve again and it seemed that everything was under control, but I lost concentration. I practically handed him the second set, I’m not happy with the last few games. I will draw the positives from this match, I played well in the first and third set, it is important for me to finish the match in a good rhythm. This brings me confidence before the finals and Roland Garros. I’m close to where I want to be ahead of Roland Garros, I’m happy with everything except those few games in the second set,” said Đoković after the match.

He commented on the playing conditions, his opponent’s play and what it would mean to him to win the title before going to Paris.

“I was a set and a break ahead, I was close to winning, and then I got annoyed because I didn’t feel the rhythm on the serve. It was windy and awkward to play. He is a fighter, he makes you play an extra shot and you can very easily fall out of your rhythm both play-wise and mentally. That unfortunately happened, but I came back very quickly. I’m looking forward to the final, I don’t feel exhausted, I have no signs of fatigue. I want to win the trophy in Belgrade, in my city and country, and go to Paris with that energy”, said Đoković.

Novak also recalled the last ATP he played in Serbia.

“It was wonderful. We had the first tournament in 2009, which I won, then in 2011. Nine years have passed since the last tournament. Women’s and men’s tennis in Serbia have had great success, both individually and as a team, we have been living a golden era for the last 20 years. We deserve to have at least one tournament in both competitions as a country. I am glad that we managed to achieve that this year. We even had two tournaments this year. We are currently renting a license for the men’s tournament and I hope that together with the Serbian Tennis Federation we will find a way to get a license for the women’s tournament, as well as for challengers, futures, we need as many tournaments as possible. We travel a lot, which is a big expense, and if you have a lot of professional tournaments in your country, it is easier for players to make progress. I am glad that young players are gaining experience. Tomorrow is the last day of a really exhausting and challenging several months for the organizers of these tournaments in our club. They did a great job, I am very proud, we have had lots of positive feedback from the players, the ATP, the WTA. We are glad, and it will be even better in the coming years”, said world’s top-ranked player.