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Novak Đoković on Wimbledon and Roland Garros

Novak Đoković on Wimbledon and Roland Garros

“Wimbledon is always on my mind. Last year when they announced that it will not be held, we were devastated. One of my fondest memories is winning the tournament in 2019 against Federer in the finals. My whole life, I dreamed of winning it. Now, all my energy is focused on Paris, and I hope that I will play to the best to my ability in London and Paris,” stated Novak Đoković, the greatest tennis player in the world.

The draw for Roland Garros put Rafael Nadal on a collision course with Novak, likely in the semifinals.

“Honestly, playing against Rafael in the semifinals or the in final is not much different. Playing against him is the greatest challenge you can have on a clay court. We played many times on the central court, so I know what that looks like. I played quite well against him in Rome, and I think that I have a good chance playing against anyone. I need to believe in my skills, I feel good, I won a tournament here, so I hope that I will use this confidence,” said Đoković.

On what he will work on before Roland Garros:

“I feel proud and grateful for the organisation, and grateful that I finished a good game with a trophy, complemented by an amazing atmosphere on the stands. This is exactly what I needed right before Roland Garros. I heard that there is a good chance that there would be an audience at the tournament, and that is why I decided to play in Belgrade. Nothing was confirmed until a few days ago. It was incredible, an amazing feeling. The feeling I experienced today was extremely positive, and gives me a boost before Paris. I am happy that I got to spend quality time with family and friends and that I had the opportunity to move freely. In Paris, we will only be allowed to be in the hotel and on the court,” he mentioned and added:

“I hope that the match with Rafael will happen in the semifinals. It is a long road to the semifinals, and I know that everyone is waiting for that, as well as the quarterfinals with Federer. You cannot influence the draw, but what I can do is focus my attention on each day as it comes, and get myself into an optimal shape. When I find my centre, I can win against anyone, on any court, and I proved that throughout my career. We hope for the best. It will be challenging, but I am ready.”