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Topo: Every tennis player’s dream is to be no. 1, and that is my goal

Topo: Every tennis player’s dream is to be no. 1, and that is my goal

The youngest tennis player at the Belgrade Open, Marko Topo, who was a wild card of the tournament, lost to Federico Coria with 2: 1 in sets (6: 4, 2: 6,0: 6). After the match, he stated that he played well in the first set, but not later in the match:

“This is my first ATP tour experience. It’s amazing that I am here, that I am playing with great players, with Federico. In the first set, I played well, had control, served well, I was in the leading position on the court. In the second set, I felt a loss of energy, I had back pain, maybe I had been thinking too much, and my game weakened. He played solidly until the end and ultimately won.”

Marko Topo has recently been training at the Novak Tennis Center. He emphasized that the opportunity to train at the Novak Tennis Center is an incredible thing, but so is the opportunity to train with Novak himself. “He is my idol, he is our greatest athlete and I feel proud. He congratulated me after the match, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be here through a wild card.”

Marko Topo was born in Munich and started playing at the age of 6. He decided to play for Serbia because, as he stated, he felt that Serbia was his home. Two weeks ago, he started training at the Novak Tennis Center, and his current coach is Boris Bošnjaković.

He had only words of praise and pride for Novak: “When I started playing, Novak was the best athlete in our country, he did a lot for our sport, it is incredible that he has been at the top of tennis for 12 years now. I am grateful to have the opportunity to talk to him and train at his center. “

He said that his gameplay is based on attack and aggressive play, that he likes forehands, serves well, but also that he is young and has a lot of things to improve and correct.

Regarding plans for the future, he said that he hopes to play professional tournaments soon, given that he is 17 years old:

“The next tournament for me is the Roland Garros Junior. I am looking forward to playing the Junior Grand Slams and combining them with futures and challengers. After the junior tournaments, I look forward to playing the pro tournaments as well. Every tennis player’s dream is to be no. 1 and that is my goal,” concluded Topo.