Tadeuša Košćuška 63, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Đere retires from Belgrade Open

Đere retires from Belgrade Open

Serbian player Laslo Đere retired from Belgrade Open.

“I regret not playing, I had a headache, sore throat, I got tested, I’m healthy, but I feel exhausted. I will start practicing as soon as I feel better. I hope to play next year,” Đere said.

Đere talked about his performance at Geneva Open.

“I played really well, but I can’t say that I am satisfied with the result, however, considering that I had five defeats in a row, I can’t complain. The two wins help my self-confidence.”

When he recovers, Paris is his next stop.

“Roland Gaross is in the centre of attention, I just need to recover first. After that, I registered for the Queen’s Club, and Wimbledon after that.”

He points out that mentally preparing for matches is very important.

“The mental aspect of the game is quite important, sometimes more important than your forehand and backhand. I am trying to always work on that, as well as on my shots. I hope to continue being as mentally strong as possible both in Paris, and in future tournaments.”